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VibeVoip Fax service offer solution for all your faxing need. The service can be used as Fax-to-Email, Email-to-Fax, web-based and traditional fax machine. You can use the service on any device that you can use email on. Incoming faxes delivered to you email address. Outgoing fax, add the fax number in 'To' field of email and attached the document you want to fax and send.

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Sending a Fax from your Computer, or Phone


How can I send a fax from my computer with VibeVOIP?

How can I email a fax with VibeVOIP?

It’s easy and FREE and WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW:

  •          Subscribe to VibeVoip Fax service.
  •          Provide us the email address that you want to use for sending out faxes.
  •         To send a fax, open any email client. In the "To" field type "Fax<fax number of the recipient>, attach the document you want to fax. Click send.
  •          You will get confirmation of the fax success.
  •          To receive fax vibevoip will provide you a fax number and will link it to an email. All incoming faxes will delivered to this email address.

How can I send a fax from my phone with VibeVOIP?

  • Same procedure as above. Open an email client on your phone. Attach the document you want to fax. Enter recipient fax number in the 'To' field and send.

How can I send a fax from fax machine?

  • To send fax using traditional fax machine, you will need special fax adapter from VibeVoip. Adapter is free with a year contract. 


** Monthly price is limited to 900 pages/month. 

Serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC & Virginia,
we specialize in fast service, understanding your needs and flexible plans. 

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Business Fax

Business Fax

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