• Cordless VOIP Phone -Bundle Pack of 3
    New Sale!
    Cordless VOIP Phone -Pack of 3 Bundle

    Get VibeVoip cordless phone for home or business with unlimited calls to USA. With a pack of three phone, you can make calls from either of the handset. Incoming calls  can ring all the three handsets simultaneously. Get your voicemail delivered to your email. Call waiting, call forward and many more.

    $79.00 $109.99 -$30.99
  • VibeVoip-Business WIFI SIP Phone Bundle

    VibeVoip small business phone system--all you need for business communications. The bundle comes with FREE UNLIMITED phone calls to USA for  six months. Pay only $19.99/month after the six months. You can cancel at any time. The bundle comes with VibeVoip large display,LCD 2-line IP desktop phone and WIFI cordless phone. Preconfigured with ring-all option. 

  • VibeVoip--WiFi Cordless Phone

    VibeVoip WiFi cordless phone works on any WiFi connection. The phone has large colour LCD display and easy to setup. VibeVoip WiFi cordless phone comes with Free Unlimited phone calls for 1 year. Pay only $9.99/month after a year. You can cancel at any time.

  • Telephone Service/VOIP Service
    Telephone service only

    Order telephone service. This order will provide one telephone number, new or customer existing number ported to us with unlimited calls to USA and Canada. This is a monthly recurring service. You may cancel it at any time. Works only with SIP phones or traditional phones with SIP adapter. 

  • Small Business Phone service

    Business Telephone service is the cost of phone service per month. This can be combined with any SIP or Voip phone. It is service only, no physical product.

  • Voip Business Phone System

    This Voip Business phone system is ideal for business with large amounts of calls. It is a telephone service/SIP Trunk with complete cloud based system for office communications. You get telephone service/ SIP Trunk, including an efficient & reliable cloud based system for your vital office communications. **PRICE does not include hardware/IP Phone.

  • GXP2130

    Grandstream GXP2130 is high end IP phone with great HD quality voice. It has color display, programmable keys and  integrated Bluetooth. It allows for 3 lines/SIP accounts. Recommend POE for easy installation. Power adapter included. *Free with 2 year contract of VibeVoip SIP trunks.

  • Business Fax
    New Sale!
    Business Fax

    VibeVoip Fax service offer solution for all your faxing need. The service can be used as Fax-to-Email, Email-to-Fax, web-based and traditional fax machine. You can use the service on any device that you can use email on. Incoming faxes delivered to you email address. Outgoing fax, add the fax number in 'To' field of email and attached the document you...

  • Small Office Phone System

    This is the perfect choice for small offices with 4 or less employees. Your high-speed internet is enough – works even when your computers are turned off. It comes with voicemail to email delivery. And it gives you answering service after hours, so you never miss calls from other time zones. After-hours calls get directed automatically to voicemail, to...

  • Small Business Phone Service

    This Telephone Service is ideal for small businesses and offices, using economical Voice Over IP technology (also known as SIP Trunk), giving easy and unlimited phone calls to USA and Canada. ** Price does NOT include hardware or IP Phone. Choose an IP phone from our selection.

  • VOIP Phone Services for Small Business

    This is a Telephone Service for Voice Over IP also known as SIP trunk with unlimited phone calls to USA and Canada. It is monthly recurring service.  *Price does NOT include hardware or IP Phone. Choose IP phone from our selection.

  • Voip Business Phone Service

     This Telephone Service is ideal for small businesses and offices,  using economical Voice Over IP technology (also known as SIP trunk), giving easy and  unlimited phone calls to USA and Canada. Price does not include hardware or IP Phone. Choose an IP phone from our selection.

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